The Illinois Chapter typically holds training days February thru September. Early in the year they will be at Des Plaines Conservation Area, then we will move to Seneca Hunt Club for the remaining of the year. We usually hold training on the third Sunday of the month.

 Our chapter has many experienced dog handlers who have tested at all levels of the NAVHDA testing system. Our training days are designed to help handlers and dogs achieve their goals.

 If you are a new member and feel intimidated, there is no need to worry. We have a Training Director and Coordinators that will organize and direct the training day.  We will assist you with your dog and encourage you to become involved in the many training aspects throughout the day. We like to see our members train and test their dogs. The NAVHDA testing system serves as the foundation for improving our versatile breeds.


2019 Training Days

  • Feb 3rd @ Des Plaines SFWA (West grounds -membership meeting and yard work)

  • Feb 17th@ Des Plaines SFWA(East Grounds)

  • March 24th@ Des Plaines SFWA(East grounds)

  • April 28th@ Seneca Hunt Club

  • May 19th @ Seneca Hunt Club

  • June 16th @ Seneca Hunt Club

  • July 21st @ Seneca Hunt Club

  • Aug 18th @ Seneca Hunt Club

  • Sept 15th@ Seneca Hunt Club (Elections)

  • Sept 29th @ Des Plaines SFWA(Test clean up)

  • Oct 5-6th @ Des Plaines SFWA(Test Days)

Here is a brief example of a training day:

 We usually begin at 8:00 am. Handlers should check in with the Training Director and Coordinators, pay and take possession of the birds with your bird bag or container. We will have a sign-up sheet to ensure everyone will get the opportunity to train. Then we will divide up into groups, according to age and skill level of your dog.

Training can take a long time. We want to make sure you get the information you need. While you wait, this is a good way of improving your handling skills by helping with many training activities throughout the day. We also encourage chapter youth to participate.

Each month, February through September the club gets together for a group training day.   This is an opportunity to take advantage of the experience the club has among its members to further advance yours and your pups skills in the field.

The exact dates and location (Des Plaines or Seneca Hunt Club) for each month are listed below.  Existing and new members are all welcome each month.

 If you plan to join the training day and would like to order birds,   you will need to contact Justin Hayes no later than the Wednesday immediately preceding the training day,  by 5:00pm.  

off 3.JPG

 Justin Hayes

Quail $7 each
Chukar $11 each

 As in the past,   the club will be sending out a reminder mail the weekend prior to the Sunday training day each month.

 If you have any questions about training days or ordering birds,   please feel free to contact any of the Club Board members (which you can find on our webpage).

Some items you should bring to a training day:

  1.  Water for your dog

  2.  Blaze orange hat and shirt or vest

  3.  Game bag to carry birds in

  4.  Basic training items such as check cord, e-collar, whistle, etc.

  5.  Your dog’s kennel crate

  6.  Insect repellent, sun screen

  7. Folding chair, snacks, drinks 

When at Seneca Hunt Club, there is a $25 guest fee if you are not a member. Illinois NAVHDA members can purchase a one year Seneca membership at our corporate rate of $200. Quail and pheasants are available. Seneca does not carry ducks. Seneca can be very wet in the spring months. It is a good idea to bring some sort of waterproof footwear.